A letter from our founder...

A letter from our Founder


We at Haney are thankfully safe and sound and working from home with our families and loved ones.  We hope that you are also hunkered down and heeding all warnings so that the impacts of this COVID-19 virus are soon behind us.  


This moment in time allows us, hopefully, time for reflection and planning.  The world is a changed place, and we hope our nation and the world will rebound quickly, but in the near term, we all are facing questions of the implications to our own businesses, clients and partners.  


I founded HANEY seven years ago, and we were one of the early LA-based woman-owned fashion brands.  We built a remarkable reputation for our quality, style and our deep understanding and commitment to the HANEY woman. She is sexy, and confident and rises against all forms of adversity. We were supported by the biggest names in Hollywood from Taylor Swift to Reese Witherspoon. I helped women-owned businesses and sold to the most incredible retailors in the world including Net-a-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. My incredible team was by my side, and I will always be grateful for their passion and love of the brand.


With that foundation, we have found a path to excel and grow dramatically over the years achieving goals and successes far beyond our company’s age.  The little girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee could never have imaged this incredible journey.


With all that said, our business remains heavily dependent on three key factors:  the support and enthusiasm of our clients, our production partners, and our branded retail partners.  In each category, we have concerns that the near future will hold challenges for us all.  Our production partners are already being hard hit by lay-off’s and a wide array of service interruptions, and we anticipate this will become more challenging in the weeks and months to come.  Of course, our brick-and-mortar retailer partners are facing the prospect of their most difficult chapter in the past 25 years, and in spite of amazing market orders less than a month ago, we worry that some retailers will be forced to re-evaluate their commitments.    


We are passing through a moment in history, a metaphoric season of winter, and as such, we must make hard decisions so that our future remains bright for the long term.  This is a chapter in our world and our company’s life.  We want to be sure to manage this period in a thoughtful and careful manner so we can continue our journey together in the future.  


So, stay safe and rest assured we will be sharing updates in the not-too-distant future.  


With love and gratitude, 

Mary Alice Haney